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Customers look for enjoyment + solutions.
Not advertising.

Primarily focused on helping health, wellness, and beauty brands go to market with a clear presence, strong voice, and expected results.

With competition, crowded categories, ever-changing trends, and customer needs, the beauty industry has seen a fundamental shift in how consumers discover services and products. The TikTok creator is the new beauty editor; a five-star review holds equal weight to a celebrity endorsement.


A consumer’s path to purchase can start anywhere (print, digital, PR, social), making media-specific content the key to success.

Customers, content, and commerce can all connect seamlessly. 

Your customers are looking for solutions, not advertising, and as marketers, we need to build seamless transitions between technology, advertising, and retail to be customer-obsessed. By first working internally, and prioritizing content, customer reviews, and brand experiences, Reeves + Jones expedites the customer’s discovery and decision-making process. And deliver the results you're seeking.

Our Filters


Marketing has changed. The ways that once worked, no longer cut through.


Guessing and hoping is not a strategy. And proof is in the results.


The brand is everything. Content and context must align.


All parts need to be connected. Media and content must be aligned.

The Team

Our business succeeds when your business thrives.

Every company and brand is different and requires a different solution.

We don't force-fit people into your business. We hand-pick the team that's right for you,

your brand, and your goals. So while we have teams of problem solvers, thinkers, and doers,

we build the right team for your business, and what you need.

They can be consultants, contractors, full-time, or just people who like to make. 

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