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Build a brand for Growth.
From the inside out.

Every company has the same access, to the same technology, the same people, the same assets, and the same thinking. Your brand is not something you add to your business. A brand is the reason your business exists. Your brand is the purpose and passion, and your growth engine.

And why do brands and companies disappear? And it is never due to a lack of customers. Often it's about pricing model and profits, but even these are a result of:

  1. Loss of Energy. Energy is key for a company. And to keep the passion high, acting small is key. Amazon, Ulta and Sephora teams, for example, are kept in start-up mode. This is what a good brand does.

  2. Lack of Innovation. Companies cease to be the innovative company they were in their early years. A brand keeps you focused on re-inventing yourself.

3B: Belief, Belonging, and Behavior.

Three Principles of becoming a Belief Brand.

How can the next Sephora, OGX, Airbnb, or your next storefront grow in a world built around risk aversion and business blandness?

In an incredibly simple and bold new way for creating great brands, we will look at the cultural insights that drive your business. Amazon, for instance, was never an online retailer. They are ‘Earth's most customer-centric company.’ And the rest is history. And Airbnb, ‘A place where anyone can belong.’

Zero mention of the product offering.

The bottom line is clear. Businesses must stop saying what they are and start BEing something customers want, and grow your business. BE is a three-step philosophy that can radically change the future for companies, products, and even people.


A Belief is more powerful than benefits because they lock in a behavior. It is a statement of conviction that inspires your team to have an impact on a customer's life. A brand led by a belief informs your user’s mental model, not just their preferences.


A brand that has a strong sense of belonging nurtures a sense of individual and collective purpose/direction among the team and the customer. By belonging to a group, your team and customers will feel a part of something larger than themselves. 



Behavior is the collection of guiding values and principles that drive your business and by which your team and company act. They impact your teams' experiences and how they interact with customers.  

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