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Beating L'oreal's foot-traffic probelm

Updated: May 29, 2018

L'oreal turns a brick mortar problem into a positive customer experience.

The steady decline of foot traffic in traditional retail store has resulted in the need for brand owners and manufactures focus-in on the customer experience (not relying on the retailer to deliver the experience). In addition, with foot traffic dropping, the opportunities for brand switching are lower.

L'oreal wanted to solve the problem. Starting with data, it was noticed that many women were seeking 'how to videos'. Our task was to link the information women wanted, with a unique idea, and then couple-it with PR. Introducing Hairstyles Delivered. The key to success of this campaign was 1) Understanding the audiences and what they wanted, 2) Seeking new ways to talk to them and not selling to them, but enhancing their experience, and 3) A strong partnership with the client.


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