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Content and Commerce for Diageo

Updated: May 17, 2018

Diageo wanted to change the game for liquor advertising and have a true digital-first strategy. We launched television series 'World Class List', which follows Australian musician Carey Watkins on an international adventure to create the ultimate drinks list. During the five-part series, Watkins explores the best of what to see, do, eat and drink in five cities – Sydney, Taipei, Barcelona, San Francisco and Mexico.

LA-based Watkins was selected from hundred to become the host of the new travel series, which seeks to inspire people to “drink better and create unforgettable experiences” in the process. Watkins is led on his journey by five renowned World Class bartenders, who share their inside knowledge of their city and the craft of bartending, presenting their cocktail inspired by their experiences on the show.

And the show delivered results as well. Some EU countries enjoying an overall bottle sale lift with a 2x ROI. We did not measure offline sales.

Since people drink in their homes, and they want to be able to make the best drinks there, we then took Diageo on a journey in building an Alexa skill.


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