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Axe solves an awkward problem

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

From a Structured Engagement process to a Customer Engagement process, including a creative workshop, we uncovered new audiences and rapidly grew Unilever's Axe sales.

A hands-on creative workshop identified that one of key initiatives by brand was creativity. Through this workshop, we identified a unique business challenge: Axe's target audience was wrong.

By using data to understand your customer, you can create campaigns that improve their overall experience and drive them to sale.

Two customers

After slow online sales, Axe was focused on new creative to improve YOY ROI for their 2017 Back to School campaign. A creative strategy was built out that would target two different core purchasers. While Axe had typically targeted advertising at 20+ yo men, brand insights showed moms are also shoppers, and they were shopping for teens, not adults. With these two primary audiences with The AXE Guide to being Aware and Prepared. The campaign featured a custom pantry and Amazon landing page experience that speaks to the tough conversation between a mom and son over his body odor that captured the mother-son relationship as a relatable human experience. The campaign outperformed the 2016 campaign across nearly every metric.


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